As developers, builders, and managers of high-quality commercial properties, Petrini Corporation doesn’t just bring technical expertise and expert workmanship to each project. We also bring a sense of community. Our work is built upon three generations of building and developing in the very communities where we live. We know that when we take on a project, we will always seek to add value to the property, to the community, and to the benefit of the tenants. Whether we’re transforming a used car dealership into a pedestrian-friendly village square, or executing ground-up construction customized for office or retail use, we continually try to find a way to create a space that meets the community’s needs today as well as far into the future.

Full-Service Solutions

Our seasoned team of real estate, construction, and financial professionals offer full-service solutions for any project. We can not only carry a project through construction and development, we can also provide comprehensive management services for our properties.

Along with our construction, excavation, and site work, Petrini Corporation offers the following asset management services:

  • Financial Management
  • Information Systems
  • Lease Negotiations
  • In-House Service Department
  • Real Estate Tax Rebates
  • Energy Savings Programs
  • Maintenance Contract Negotiations

For the almost 300,000 square feet of commercial property that we manage, Petrini Corporation recognizes that a personal relationship with every tenant is the key to creating a mutually beneficial environment, one that provides our tenants with the necessary tools to run a successful business. We offer the same high-quality services to every member of our diverse tenant base, recognizing that when we succeed in our job, our tenants are better able to succeed at theirs.

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