Our greatest asset is our diverse and strong tenant base. Across our portfolio, we have nearly eighty tenants, with an average size of 3,070 square feet. They span the business spectrum and include fields such as healthcare, legal, software development, financial services, food services, as well as national retailers and restaurants. This diversity gives Petrini great flexibility and offers better protection against economic cycles.

Our objective in acquiring commercial real estate is to obtain properties that offer great flexibility and can meet the demands of today's tenants. We value properties with highly divisible floor plans, adequate power and HVAC capacity, and ample parking. We recognize that in order to be successful at our jobs, our tenants must be successful at theirs. Our goal is to provide them the built environment to do so.

The landlord - tenant relationship is built on trust, and one that we work very hard to foster. We view our tenants as our clients, and always strive to deliver the best service possible. We work to develop a personal relationship with each and every tenant, which helps us better understand their needs.